Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Dec 19, 2012 - Sweet Potato Fries and Yogurt Dipping Sauce, Zin Burger (Tucson, AZ) Order online and track your order live. I also love their sides - I usually swap between the regular fries, sweet potato fries, and zucchini fries. I use a tiny squirt, like 1/8 teaspoon – the sauce is what is needed to give it some taste and keep it mild! Flip the potatoes and bake for an additional 10 -15 minutes, until golden brown. Only cons was the 30 minute wait. Menus - both dining and drink menus were easy to read and understand. Even the buns seemed lightly buttered and soft and fresh. GS Plaza has lots of places to eat. These sweet potato fries can be made in about 30 minutes, dipping sauce and all. Free Delivery with DashPass. SUPER service for a chain burger joint! Fried Sweet Potato Fries with spicy sweet potato fries dipping sauce My Turn For Us salt, sweet potatoes, corn starch, parsley, olive oil, pepper Get these exclusive recipes with a … I have to say customer service was amazing. 0. Some people also slathered it on the meatloaf sliders that were the main dish, and they said it was wonderful. I usually get the Samburger and Sweet Potato Fries. If you have a major sweet tooth then this is for you. He would better serve his patrons by monitoring the flow of food from the kitchen and insisting that dishes are washed before you serve food on them. DashPass • Burgers, Beer • 4.5 (392) • 5393.1 mi • $$ $0.00. Preorder to. The sauce that comes with the sweet potato fries is amazing! It did take a very long time for our meals to arrive, but maybe we caught them on a bad night (totally understandable). The consistency/temperature of the shake was near perfect. We were seated quickly for a busy Friday night and the waitstaff was very attentive to us. Interior was also really spacious with a bar, and lots of exterior/interior lighting. With a wonderful atmosphere, great staff, and awesome happy hour prices, I will definitely be back again! Also see photos and tips from visitors. Group Order. We love their sweet potato fries and banana foster shakes but this time tried the zucchini fries which were great! Prep Time 5 … Tried the breakfast burger (we usually get the Zin burger and the Sam burger) and it was delicious. However, the ala carte style is bothersome, especially when one considers the price of the sides. My favorite is the truffle fries and the sweet potato fries with yogurt dip. Dip Instructions. My sweet potato fries came barely warm and with the maple sauce in a dirty bowl! Additional Toppings: American, Cheddar, Danish Blue, Swiss, Manchego, Havarti, Pepper Jack, Avocado, Smoked Mozzarella, Caramelized Onions, Fried Egg*, Onion Rings, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Wild Mushrooms, Roasted Jalapeños, Griddled Sweet Potato Browse the menu items, find a location and get Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar delivered to your home or office. Came here during restaurant week and were pleasantly surprised because we didn't know it was restaurant week. Service - on entering the restaurant, staff pleasantly greeted us, and was prompt to show up at our table to take our orders. Start Group Order. My favorite item is the veggie burger. I've visited this Zinburger a couple of times, and while I really enjoy the chain as a whole, this isn't my choice location. Roasted Potatoes with a Coconut Curry Dipping Sauce Relishing It garlic cloves, tomato paste, salt, ground turmeric, garam masala and 10 more Roasted Potatoes … No delivery fee on your first order. Order online and track your order live. Even the wait time for the food wasn't bad. Must say I am very pleased. I like it when restaurants give you the option to build your own burger. I have been to a few different Zinburgers and this one is by far the best. The sweet potato fries were warm and crispy. It's dense and filling. No delivery fee on your first order. Preorder to. Our hostess dropped our menus down before quickly walking away -- leaving the menus stuck to the table! Your Address. I got the Zinburger which was delicious and perfectly cooked. There was a short wait on a Friday evening due to covid and by regulation the restaurants must operate at 50% capacity which makes seating limited. 0. Everyone who works there is so nice!! Enter your address for ETA. The fries were also crispy and savory. Good service, nice portions, & sweet happy hour deal! The burger was juicy and pretty good. I made the sauce for a dinner party to dip sweet potato tater tots in (I didn’t make the fries in this recipe, just the dipping sauce). Waitstaff was happy to answer any questions we had on either menus. In a food processor, combine lime juice and cilantro leaves. Additional toppings: American, Cheddar, Danish Blue, Swiss, Manchego, Havarti, Pepper Jack, Avocado, Smoked Mozzarella, Caramelized Onions, Fried Egg*, Onion Rings, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Wild Mushrooms, Roasted Jalapeños, Griddled Sweet Potato. Your Address. Your Address. Want to chime in. I have heard great things about the milkshakes but haven't tried them yet. Most veggie burgers taste dry or have a lot of black bean, and this one is super unique. The turkey burger was good, as were the sweet potato fries (yogurt dipping sauce was the best part!). Zinburger. I got the turkey burger and added a fried egg. It's super fresh and delicious! When available, we provide pictures, dish ratings, and descriptions of each menu item and its price. !I got the My Boy Blue this time - a juicy burger (medium rare! After… Zinburgeriçinmenü'a bak.The menu includes happy hour menu, and menu. My only complaint is they don't cut the burgers in half and I always have to request a knife. Garrett was our waiter, and he was great! Hamburgers were cooked to perfection and toppings were tasty and fresh. My son ordered a shake. Zinburger is the place to go if you want a really tasty burger - and an amazing shake. Waiter was nice. Crispy Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Spicy Mustard Dipping Sauce. Zucchini Fries 7. I asked my server how much longer it was going to take since I'm only waiting for a burger & fries. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Had an El Diablo burger with grilled chicken & it was awesome. I appreciate that! My friend ordered the diablo and in his own words "the best jalapeño burger I have ever had, I would come back just for this" my son loved his burger and his chocolate shake. We ordered the loaded fries, sweet potato fries, truffle fries, and zucchini fries (I think that's all the options available!). They were perfectly salted, a great combination of crunchy and chewy, and kept their natural sweet potato flavor. So, just when I thought True Food was the star establishment of the shopping complex, I tried Zinburger and learned they are a strong contender as well. Menu Appetizers, Fries + Sides. The first, we were sitting near the entrance to the kitchen & a server dropped a little tub of ketchup on the floor -- splattering ketchup all over my arm and across the back of my *white* shirt (figures, amirite?). Waited ten minutes just to get water. Carefully turn the sweet potato fries over and bake for another 15-20 minutes until they are nicely brown on both sides. Definitely try their wedge salad and sweet potato fries (1/2 the price during happy hour). Whenever I get too stressed, I usually come here and order a burger, shake and sweet potato fries. 0. My burger came a few minutes after I requested the check for my sons shake, so I could leave and eat elsewhere. He checked in periodically, anticipated our needs, and was extremely polite. for the fries: 2 large sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into 6x1/4x1/4-inch matchsticks (some will be shorter than 6 inches) 4 teaspoon cornstarch, divided. 15 reviews 2 photos. Small $3.25 Large ... Includes a Soft Drink & Choice of Hand Cut Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, or Ranch Salad Hamburger. Gave just enough time before we ordered, everything came correctly and timely, and accommodated to our requests. No delivery fee on your first order. Would have it again for sure. Limit 2 Toppings. I've thought once or twice about bringing home a bottle, (they let you). The staff was really friendly and helpful. The truffle fries were ok but had too much Parmesan cheese which overtook the flavor, the sweet potato fries on the other hand were life changing. Served Medium; B.Y.O.B. Add some sriracha to taste. Two burgers, large side of fries, huge piece of pie, and two alcohol drinks for $33! Use equal parts Shamrock Farms sour cream and mayonnaise depending on how much dip you need. I signed up for their VIP membership, which rewards you $10 for every $100 spent. Food was just okay for $10.00+ burgers. Just because your busy doesn't mean you should serve food in unwashed dishes. Includes lettuce, tomato & mayo. In a large bowl, toss sweet potato wedges with olive oil, garlic powder, cumin, and salt and pepper. Syrah Blend, Charles & Charles, Columbia Valley, WA, Malbec / Syrah, Tilia, Mendoza, Argentina, Deschutes Brewery "Fresh Squeezed IPA" Oregon, Huss Brewing Co. "Scottsdale Blonde" Arizona, Four Peaks "Kilt Lifter Scottish Ale" Arizona. Ziyaretçilerin bütün fotoğraflarını ve tavsiyelerini gör. The price fixe menu was a bargain for two that comes with choice of alcoholic beverage (Pinot, white wine or a red sangria), choice or side, choice of entree and dessert to share. Burger was great , French fries and sweet potato fries were even better . All in all a great trip in and we will come back. Deliciousness - 2.5/5Happiness - 4/5Zinburger is fine. It certainly didn't taste like your ordinary ground chuck you pick up from the supermarket. I got the ringer burger, which was cooked perfectly to my liking. Service was terrible. )I had a hankering for something sweet and savory and found the Butterfinger shake to be just the right combination leaving me quite content. There was nothing special about the meal, just a slab of chicken on a bun. Because the dude was absolutely outstanding. Mac & Cheese 7. There is a parking lot a couple of yards away from the restaurant that does offer free 2-hour parking if the parking is validated.The restaurant will validate the parking token if you do ask as I did. We've been coming to ZinBurger (Clifton location) for almost 5 years and it never disappoints. Was dying for a good hamburger and this place was spot on. The service wasn't too friendly.. Spicy Wings 11. No delivery fee on your first order. At the end of the day, $40+ is an expensive lunch for two sandwiches and fries. With no questions asked, the manager gave us 25% off our meal. She rudely replied that "that's what everyone is waiting for, we only do burgers & fries", I told her "that was my point", but this was lost  on her. (I wish I could still remember his name) he was really attentive and my son loved him. The managers are always very nice and receptive. To make the Sweet Potato Fries:2 sweet potatoes4 cups vegetable oil 1⁄4 tsp. My favorite item is the veggie burger. Our server was very nice and really knowledgeable on the food. Have been coming here since they opened and never disappointed with food . The bar seats are so comfortable!! 2 of us ordered the classic burger ( was told this was just a basic burger and was the smallest on the menu and would that be okay LOL ) and 1 of us got the buffalo chicken burger. Enter your address for ETA. Enter your address for ETA. Came here on a Sunday with a big group. Thankfully, it's a big enough place where I've never experienced a long wait, and it's spacious enough to maneuver around without hitting the other customers with my shopping bags. Sprinkle with coarse sea salt. They are sweet potato fries are perfect. Submit corrections. saltPeel sweet potatoes and cut off ends. All in all we had a wonderful experience at zinburger and definitely will be back. The first half was excellent and served at just the right temperature but the second half got soft from the steam and was significantly less enjoyable. Seating was adequate and comfortable, and the dining areas was clean. The meat is always loose, wet and lacks much in the way of flavor. (Tip: Start by eating the candy pieces at the top to get your taste buds attuned to the flavor of your shake. Noise level wasn't bad. Nice place to grab dinner or lunch if you are out shopping at GSP. Get delivery from Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar super-fast to your door. We will not be returning. Manager apologized for the long wait to get service and offered to take care of the sweet potato fries we ordered. The only reason I'm doing 4 stars instead 5 is because I ordered raw onion with my burger but it was forgotten. So awesome that I ate the bread & I don't consume bread regularly. El Diablo burger with Kobe - 5 starsZucchini fries - 5 stars (unique, flavorful and quite filing) Sweet Potato fries - 3.5 stars (good but nothing to write home about) Service was phenomenal, the bathrooms are cute. There are always plenty of kids around, so they are very kid-friendly too. Kobe burger was amazing and very flavorful! Neither of us knew his name but he was great. I ordered a medium burger and sweet potato fries. Check out the menu for Zinburger.The menu includes and menu. Certified Angus Beef® & American Style Kobe ground daily. I like it with just sriracha sauce and a bit of smoked paprika powder, but the Cajun seasoning brings it to the next level. Serve with one of the dipping sauces. Mix with fork, and done! But for now if you're going solo or not in a sharing mood, then I'd advise eating quickly or maybe asking them to fry a little longer.For an upscale "burger" chain, this place had a good vibe, a tasty menu, and great service.Update: They also validate parking! Great burger and atmosphere. Want to chime in? Typically, I find that gourmet placed add too many ingredients, play with the meat too much, use buns that are ill-fitted for hamburgers, and in so doing, ruin the brilliance of a burger. It's super fresh and delicious! The manager did make another order and took it off the bill, but I would've preferred a clean bowl from the start. Overall, 3 stars. Call Menu Info. The sweet potato fries were pretty standard. Group Order. I also love their sides - I usually swap between the regular fries, sweet potato fries, and zucchini fries. The flavors aren't really in the burger as much as the fries have its own flavors but it's delicious nonetheless because of the nurse's juiciness. Pickup. If only the food were as good as the service. We ate there recently and my mom felt her meal was undercooked. This dip compliments them beautifully! Hope you enjoy when you visit. This quick sauce is just as good on grilled chicken as it is sweet potato fries! I guess I was expecting a tower of a burger...something I couldn't hold with both hands and certainly couldn't fit in my mouth. Get delivery from Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar super-fast to your door. Plus it's open on Sundays! Once you have done that, just toss them with the salt and oil and then put them in the oven. If you sign up for the free vip club you accrue points and earn discounts. What a fabulous bargain. Solid enough to use the spoon, but smooth enough to use the straw, stayed cold the entire time, but never gave me brain freeze and I'm pretty sensitive. Our server was attentive, friendly, knowledgeable and easy on the eyes. Buffalo Sauce, Shaved Carrots & Celery, Cowboy Ranch. 15257 N Scottsdale Rd Suite F150 Scottsdale, AZ 85254 Uber. With staff like this I can see why this place is doing so well. Kobe burgers are juicy and delicious, buffalo chicken sandwich is my other favorite. I thought the burgers were just great. They have a great burger selection and plenty of add ons if you don't want to stick with their signature offers. Very disappointing experience at GS Plaza! 2 tablespoons grapeseed oil. I never mentioned it but I'm sure if I did it would have been fixed quickly. It was about a 30 minute wait, which seemed a long but they send a text to you when your table is ready. 3 reviews 1 photo. The fries were spot on, the macaroni and cheese although creamy, was kinda bland,  so we probably not order that again. The sweet potato fries were fresh, warm/hot, and not soggy or limp, but actually very crispy.It's questionable if I'll be back, though the burgers tasted great, they were kind of small (in my opinion) for the price; however, it is definitely worth checking out for yourself! Really like this place overall. The roll was fresh and delicious as well. The restaurant has a full bar with a few TVs. There's also shakes, wines and beers. The bun becomes soggy quickly so it'll break apart and melt into your fingers as you're eating it. The burger tasted great -- really fresh; cooked to perfection and as I had asked -- well done; juicy; and really well seasoned. Zinburger teeters on the edge of too much tinkering. Loved that girls are called Bessies! The only thing I would have to say they need to work on is faster food preparation. I grabbed a table, propped open a book I had long been neglecting, and ordered a milkshake at the suggestion of my knowledgeable server whose name escapes me (I want to say Audrey/Aubrey? Lol it was amazing the only complaint about it would have to be that I ordered it medium well and it came out pretty much well done. Yet she took the time to make us feel special. Cheeseburger . Hmmm....Location & Aesthetics - located in Phoenix on E. Camelback Road in what seemed like the business district of Phoenix though I might be wrong on that assessment. 35 reviews 1 photo. However the zucchini fries were amazingly addicting and I finished the whole batch by myself. I believe that it is a yogurt based sauce. We will get 10 dollars off our next meal!!! Their sloppy joe is on point, though, with its savory sauce with roasted peppers on top. Menu may not be up to date. Check out the full menu for ZinBurger. The food is definitely up to the usual quality & deliciousness, but the service leaves something to be desired.My last two visits were ... not ideal. Most veggie burgers taste dry or have a lot of black bean, and this one is super unique. The regular fries are forgettable, but the zucchini sticks, sweet potato fries and especially the absolutely delicious truffle fries are worth the extra price. Thanks for sharing! One my favorite burger places in the area. The fries themselves were thin and crisp. They even brought our milkshakes out in smaller glasses so we each could have one glass. delivery fee. Hopefully they open one on the west side soon! I feel a gourmet hamburger walks a very fine line. You can do much better at half the price almost anywhere else. The portion size of their sides does not back their claim that they serve two, as each of us needed our own basket of fries. So, kitchen staff didn't notice it, nor did my server, who said it's not her fault because she doesn't make the food. I am so in love with this place. It was freezing inside this place. We got the bar of zin shake, which was really good, but was so sweet it probably could give you a cavity! Also, they have 50% off specials during big holidays. Loved the "Blanco burger" the burger was thick and juice, the zucchini fries were amazing too, very crispy and a big portion. I have been to this places countless times, and always had great food and good service. Luckily both share the same owners.The place was super cute and inviting, but the GOP debate was a few minutes away from its start time so I opted for a takeout order instead. I ordered the Bruce Lee burger today and absolutely loved it. Hand Cut Fries. Shakes are all delicious expecially the seasonal ones like gingerbread. I was carving a bacon cheeseburger so you guys know I searched yelp for the best one in town! The sweet potato fries come with a yogurt like dipping sauce. Also, the sweet potato fries are a must and if you don't fill up on those make sure to try a milkshake for dessert! There is a wide burger selection, including turkey, veggie, and Kobe, with a great variety of toppings (I like eggs and jalepenos on my burger). Also had the drink Red-Zingaria which was $7 & rather tasty (surprising). Yummy new find!!! I use half mayo(for flavor) and half greek yogurt(to make it healthier). I thought I'd kick the Labor Day weekend off with some burger and fries at Zinburger. I really like their fries here. What'd I think? There's also salads and plenty of excellent sides like tater tots, zucchini fries, sweet potato fries and more. Includes Lettuce, Tomato & Mayo. The beer and wine list is nice and the bar is well set-up. Oh how I miss NJ and Zinburger. delivery fee. They're simply a little too pricey. Our waitress was very sweet and helpful with explaining the menu to us.I ordered zucchini fries, the turkey burger, and a Stella pint! They have wine and beer and stuff, too, but...the milk shakes!! This dipping sauce with vegan mayonnaise, Cajun spices, and sriracha has just the right amount of spiciness that pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the sweet potato fries! The loaded fries were topped with cheesy, bacon-y goodness. The waiter also reminded us to have it validated as well.Interior decor is interesting as there was a large picture of a grass meadow and, if I remember correctly, a cow which I assume has something to do with the fact that the restaurant does offer burgers from grass fed cows. If you are looking for a creative burger, shake or add item in the area, this is a great place to check out. I ordered  the Sam burger which is basically a cheeseburger with applewood smoked bacon; HOT DAMN! Group Order. Amazing food!! DashPass • Burgers, American (New) • 4.7 (810+ ratings) • 7436.9 mi • $$ $0.00. An egg, bacon and avocado on a cheeseburger?! The turkey burger was good, as were the sweet potato fries (yogurt dipping sauce was the best part!). It just seemed the restaurant was nestled among business buildings.Lots of available parking but do note thatme of it is either restricted (not sure why) or is valet parking. Sweet potato fries are a staple here, and for you non-wine drinkers they have a good beer rotation going on.Always ask about what specials they have running, usually they are all day or extended hours. Also see photos and tips from visitors. Sweet Potato Fries at Zinburger "If you're looking for one of the best burgers in the valley, and then you have found it! Menus. Would definitely come back for a casual dinner with friends! Food and service is great! It was a happy and delicious meal!Our server was also super nice. Having said that, our server, Kayleigh, was absolutely excellent. The parmesan truffle fries are the star of the show even though its a burger joint. Everyone loved it! We happen to come upon this place during restaurant week. I make this several times a week. And the restaurant was jam-packed, so she surely must have been busy dealing with far more problems than my mom's unreasonable definition of "well-done." We also ordered the truffle fries and the sweet potato fries. My burger was cooked perfectly, my beer and the kids milkshakes were served quickly and the onion rings and sweet potato fries were great. Order online and track your order live. Pickup. Sweet Potato Fries at Zinburger "Let's cut to the chase... Sentino peak brewing Mexican Amber is fabulous!If you don't care much about the bread and prefer bowls, do yourself a favor and order California burger bowl. I usually sit at the bar rather than the table, they got a nice horseshoe set-up.Service is usually good here, waiters/bar tenders come around often to see if there's anything you need.Out of the burgers I have had, Kobe Burger is definitely my favorite.Followed by the El Diablo burger and the Blanco burger. Get delivery from Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar super-fast to your door. Not much else to say....just an all around great burger place. Transfer to a well oiled baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes. I'd recommend that you replace it with BBQ sauce or another condiment. Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar. Hostess was super friends and it was a fun hip environment ! I found the patty to be flavorfull while not over-filling. This is a nice place to change up from your regular sports bar.A bit classier atmosphere with the same bar cozy essentials; good food, good bar tenders and most popular sports game on display. I love the fact that my burger is truly medium rare. The toppings themselves are typically unnecessary (to be fair, you can build your own burger).What Zinburger does really well is virtually everything else. The service was also terrific.Good food, good fun...and...amazing milk shakes!!! Get delivery from Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar super-fast to your door. The menus are to the point MY KIND OF MENU!! Enter your address for ETA. The wait to be seated can deter you but definitely stick it out by getting a snack or walking around because you won't be disappointed. Our waitress thankfully treated my shirt with club soda, which left it mostly stainless ... and soaked.The second visit, we were led to a table that had just been wiped down and was glistening with puddles of water. We told him it was our first time there and he gave us a really warm welcome. Would recommend and if in the area would come back here again. sweet potatoes, dipping sauce, kosher salt, Sriracha sauce, olive oil and 4 more Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Avocado Dipping Sauce Detoxdiy sea salt, cornmeal, garlic clove, coconut oil, sweet potatoes and 3 more

zinburger sweet potato fries dipping sauce

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